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Our team’s experience in event management is vast but more importantly every experience or tour is deemed an ‘event’ to us. We pride ourselves on paying attention to details and listening to what clients really want. However the old adage that actions speak louder than works is very important and therefore where we believe our true point of difference lies is that we are able to consistently at a high quality level to then deliver on those requirements and where possible exceed our clients expectations and those of their various stakeholders.

We truly believe that we are an extension of our clients’ businesses as often we are only a part of a bigger event or experience but that it is a crucial link where often we are the ones providing the all important ‘end service’. We also like to keep our clients in the loop and provide regular feedback so that they are aware of how the event or experience is unfolding and ensure they are informed of their clients’ satisfaction of what has been organised for them.

Two Unique Selling Points for our business are our focus on Cultural and Eco-tourism experiences. New Zealand is often sold on a remote and exotic location that most people only ever dream of visiting with our unique Maori culture, special kiwi hospitality and amazing environment. The magic however is in how visitors to New Zealand or regions within can be hosted to unlock the activities, attractions, locations and people which will enhance their time and experience of what really New Zealand has to offer. We believe we have the passion, service driven approach to being a MICE industry partner to those involved in events, big or small, particularly where premier or luxury experiences are desired.


Entertainment and Dinners
Connectivity to Maori singers, songwriters, artists, performers, and iconic celebrity speakers offering New Zealand entertainment components to your unique event.

Maori Host & Guest Speakers
Interactive Performances
Themed Dinners

Eco Tourism - Eco Cultural
Allied partners are companionable in Corporate Social Responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Systematic Sustainable business practices
Community Engagement Experiences

Exclusive Products
Season of Matariki Star Journey - Winter TIME Collection
Season of Hauora Wellbeing Journey - Spring TIME Collection
Season of Waka Affinity Journey - Summer TIME Collection
Season of Wairua Spiritual Journey - Autumn TIME Collection

ShowTIME (see below some case studies of our Meeting experience):

  • Total event management responsibility for the NZ hosting of the World Business Capability Congress held at Business School, University of Auckland (600 delegates and involved multi NZ government ministries, local and international membership organisations and Corporate NZ representation)
  • Total event management of a Family Anti-Violence Industry Conference (NZ wide)
  • Numerous membership and business networking events in NZ and abroad

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What our customers say:
My experience with Time unlimited tours was fantastic, I went for a Hobbiton day and everything was just amazing from the start to finish. Highly recommend them!
Ceillhe Sperath
TIME Unlimited NZ Tours
Our Guides
Ceillhe Tewhare Teneti Hema Sperath is a New Zealand Maori from the north and the Ngapuhi tribe, plus on her paternal side the bonus of an Irish father. Ceillhe is highly-experienced in Quality and Risk Management as well as Consulting in a wide variety of areas, having previously worked for 13 years os National Quality and Risk Manager for the global accounting firm Ernst & Young. She is also a direct descendant of two significant Maori signatories on the Treaty of Waitangi - New Zealand's founding document in 1840.
Global Tourism Award Winner
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